Sand Tile, catalog number FAM 214133.
(This item is used as background on this blog)
Daily Abstractions.
A title that says it all: it is what it is. This blog is a showcase of small lyrical abstract paintings, created on a daily basis by Eduard Meinema. Bigger artworks are shown on the official website www.eduardmeinema.nl.

Sand Tiles
This blog started at December 1, 2017. Prior to the blog, a series of small abstract paintings was created. These paintings, called 'Sand Tiles', were all made of sand and acrylics on canvas, but without white borders. Have a look at the 'Sand Tiles' page to see some of those older works; or take a look at the entire series (available as print version in a range of dimensions) at my printshop.

All 'Daily abstractions' are first offered for sale at the auction of www.dailypaintingswork.com. Each artwork is 20 x 20 cm (7.87 x 7.87 inch). Original artworks which are not sold within 7 days are offered for sale, for a fixed price of $ 75,- (price includes free worldwide shipping). Check out the available originals at DPW. Artprints and additional merchandise of the Daily Abstractions are available at my printshop.

Commissions and requests for special inscriptions are welcomed. You may find an example of a commissioned work (SAGA; series of 10) in my blog of december 25th, 2017. Inquiries can be send to eduardmeinema@gmail.com

Eduard Meinema is a visual artist ánd writer. Visit the official website to find all available Thrillers, Science Fiction, Horror and Edgy Romance novels, like SIRE, AQUIFER and the Porsha Gibeon series.(All books are available as hard copy and eBook).

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