Saturday, March 31, 2018

Daily Abstraction 218033101 Downtown

Daily Abstraction 218033101 

Original, handmade and unique painting.
Ready to hang (no frame required).
Sand and Acrylics on Canvas.
20 x 20cm / 7.87 x 7.87".
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© E.Meinema

Hodgepodge; thats what the critics called Alan White's solo debut in 1976. If you were used to the symphonical rockmusic of YES, like I was at the time, the mixture of styles on YES-drummer Alan White's LP 'Ramshackled' was kind of a disappointment. But then again, some songs linger in your mind forever. Like 'Giddy'. A song written by Kenny Craddock and Colin Gibson. So, if you're up to some memories of the old days; go and listen to Giddy.

The words are based on the first line of the lyrics: 'Come on around to a bar downtown, where the boys are boys and the women get down to business.' There you go! If you prefer some more sweetness, listen to Spring - Song of Innocence from the smae album (and the same video quality...)

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